Monday, 3 June 2019


Hi everyone,

I haven't wrote in a hot minute, but I made sure to come on and write something for my birthday which I've done for the past four years now. Wild, right? I'm now 23. That's like a real, true adult age. WILD.

I've also now graduated from university so I guess I'm a Bachelor now.

I have also been officially accepted into a law program so that's pretty cool too.

It sounds like I've got a lot done since last writing, but that's now really the case. Most of my life has been the same old same old. Except I am working full-time now at a zero-waste shop. It's going alright but idk, if I'm being honest I kinda hate it... however, it is just a regular minimum wage job so what else can you expect??

In my last post I kinda voiced how I was confused and a bit lost in life. I wish I could say I've now figured out the answer to life, but that hasn't happened yet. I'm still feeling very unsure of the future.

Even though I was accepted to law school (like wtf who am i??), I still don't know if that's the path I want to go down. On one hand it would be SO cool to be a powerful lawyer lady ruling the world and helping refugees. But on the other hand, I could just never return to school and not add to my already massive amount of student debt (which is really appealing tbh).

So I'm sorta stuck. And I'm putting off making any solid plans which is... probably not the best thing to do.

I guess I'm waiting for someone to tell me what to do. But that's not going to happen. Cos I'm a proper 23-year-old adult now and have to make my own decisions.

How FUN.

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Thursday, 21 February 2019

on feeling lost

hey guys, long time no talk.

sorry about that. i'm in my last semester of university so i actually have been doing a lot of other work. i highkey do not know how people manage to keep up with a blog/youtube and school and work. i feel like i don't have enough time to do it all.

although, that being said, i once had a prof who told me that if people say they don't have enough time, they're lying -- they just don't want to make the time.

i suppose that's true. if i pushed myself, i would be able to write a blog post every week. probably multiple, too. but you kinda just forget, you feel? i just forget to write and then before i know it, it's been 2 months.

i've had an alright start to my year. as i said, i'm in my last semester of university. in april, i'll graduate with a bachelor's degree in political science and history.

whenever i tell people what i study, they always expect that i can answer their questions about politics or history. i have one friend who texts me whenever there's a political event she doesn't understand. she'll just text like, "can you explain congress to me?"

but like... no, i can't. i've spent 4 years studying these subjects and i still know nothing.

when did ww2 end? idk.

why was trump elected? i also dk.

and this is why i feel so lost. because i'm not really passionate about the subjects i study, i don't care for typical careers. i don't want a government job, and i don't want to be a curator. i especially don't want to be a teacher, and i feel like that's definitely the 'go-to' career for my degree. but i hate these subjects, why would i want to spend my life teaching them to other people?

i guess it's normal to feel a bit lost before graduating. apparently everyone does. but you know what? it's actually really fucking inconvenient to not have a plan.

so yeah. the year has started off alright, but the closer we get to april, the more worried i become. it's real fun :)

p.s. enjoy this pic of me attempting to seem relaxed and care-free. it was a difficult persona to put on. 

Thursday, 3 January 2019

my 2019 resolutions

Happy New Year -- I hope y'all had a good day and stuff.

I am back in the UK right now with my parents. I came back on the 11th of December and staying til the 8th. This year is actually the first in 10 years that we're in Scotland Christmas and New Years.

It's been nice. I forgot how big the UK is about Christmas.

There's Christmas edition of everything. And omg the amount of food. I have honestly not ate this many 'Christmas' biscuits and chocolates in... well, 10 years.

For New Year's, we visited family up in Aberdeen. It was good -- I drank too much and watched fireworks at midnight. You know, pretty standard stuff.

So, it's the time of year for resolutions. I've wrote my resolutions on this blog every year since 2015 which is real dedication yo.

I actually read over my last year's resolutions and, like... wow. I was really big on self-love. I'd say I succeeded, sorta.

Idk I definitely think over the past year I've stopped caring as much about what people think. Honestly, the clothes I wear will show you that. I've started wearing colours that don't always go together but I highkey don't care anymore. Is that self-love? I'll say yes.

This year, my resolutions are a bit more chill. A lot more chill:

1/ Stop drinking soda
I've became one of those people that drinks coke everyday. And I hate it. So I am cutting it out of my diet completely. That way, I'll be forced to drink more water -- which I've also been doing less than.

2/ Read more than one book this year
Being in school, I've lost my love of reading. I used to love reading. I would literally read a book a week, too. In 2018, I think I read 3 books. I want to beat that number. I finished one book yesterday, except I did start reading it last month. But I technically finished it in 2019 sooo I'm saying I've read 1 book so far this year.



Sunday, 9 December 2018

wow i haven't wrote in 3 months

Back in October, I was looking at my blog posts from this year and thought to myself, "wow, I've wrote quite a bit." I thought that maybe this year I would beat my record of 24 posts in one year.

But then I didn't write for... well, pretty much 3 months.

In my defence, I have been writing a shit ton for school.

I had 12 papers due this semester! A semester is 13 weeks long!!! It got kinda overwhelming and tbh by the time I was finished my assignments, I didn't feel like writing another thing

actual footage of me last month

Anyway, I've now finished everything and have a few weeks to do nothing before I start all over again in January 🙃

This was my second to last semester which is... kinda nuts. But also I'm excited to be done with school. Except lol I'm applying to law school which means I would have to do another 3 years. But idk if I will get accepted in anywhere. And even if I do, idk if I really want to go.

But what else do you do with a Political Science and History degree?? Either you do Law or teaching and I cannot go into teaching.

I don't think I'd be a good teacher because 1) I surprisingly don't know shit despite being in my 4th year of uni, and 2) don't like kids.

So I don't really know what's going to happen after my semester ends in April. But it's ages away -  I'm sure I'll figure something out between then and now.

Maybe I'll take a course and learn how to do eyelash extensions because those people charge a lot. $100 for and hour of work? Yes please. That's the same amount I'd make as a lawyer and I only need to go back to school for like 3 months!

I've also been watching lots of air traffic control videos on youtube and I know like half of the phonetic alphabet at this point. Yeah, I know, it's pretty impressive.

So there's lots of options. I'm not too worried that I have absolutely no clue what I'm going to do in 4 months time. I'm not worried at all ! !!!

Monday, 10 September 2018

homemade mac & cheese

Hi everyone,

I hope you're all doing well!

Since I wrote my last post, I have got a job. It's an office job on campus and it seems pretty chill so far. Well, the job is chill... some of the people who come into the office are not chill. I've been yelled at already by a lady for not "doing my f-ing job."

Lol. Gotta love customer service.

My classes have also started. This semester I'm in all fourth year Political Science classes. I'm a bit scared because I still don't really know much about politics. I seriously could not tell you what a "liberal" is.

Right now everything is fine, you know, because I don't have any actual papers or assignments due  yet. When I have assignments to hand in and I'm working every other day of the week, I think I'll be a bit more stressed. But I'm sure you'll hear all about it when that time comes.

And so, I wanted to write another recipe post before this blog become solely "life updates" and posts about how stressed I am. That way, I can still call myself a food and lifestyle blogger.

This is another easy recipe. You may think that the amount of cheese included in it is unhealthy, but that's not true. You see, because it's homemade, it's actually a super healthy dish. That's just how it works. It doesn't matter how much dairy, sugar, salt you use... if you make it yourself, it's healthy. Right?

Macaroni & Cheese
half a box of macaroni
1/2 cup of butter
cheeses: 1 1/2 cups grated Tex Mex/Colby Jack
              1 cup grated mozzarella
1 pack of shake n bake (or breadcrumbs)

1. in a large pot, bring water to a boil (about 6 cups) and add a liberal amount of salt into it.
2. add your macaroni pasta to the boiling water.
3. once the pasta is done, drain it and set it aside in a separate bowl/strainer. pour olive oil over it to stop the pasta bits from sticking together.
4. in the now empty pot, melt your butter.
5. add both cheeses to the melted butter. add the cheeses 1 cup at a time and pour in a little bit of milk to help everything stick together.
6. add your macaroni to this cheese sauce and mix it all together.
7. pour your macaroni and cheese in a baking dish and at this point you can add some more shredded cheese on top. if not, just add your shake n bake.
8. broil for about 5 minutes, but watch it so it doesnt burn.
9. eat :)))

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