Friday, 2 January 2015

my 2015 resolutions

Hello everyone,

I have no idea what my 2014 resolutions were. I know I made one or two but I don't know if I stuck by them because I really don't know what they were. So, to both keep me on track and because everyone else is doing this sort of post, I will write them here...

1/ Mind my own business
This is something that I have actually been actively doing for the past few months, and I want to keep it up in 2015. Earlier this year, I would have loved to sit and gossip but slowly I've been realizing that it really... shallow. Focusing on what is going wrong in other people's lives to make me feel better isn't a healthy thing to do. There are plenty of things to fill my mind with and my classmates relationship status should not make that list.

2/ Practise mindfulness
I am guilty for always looking into the future. I am perfectly aware that I do it more often than I should and I hate it. However, it is really hard to get out of the train of thought once you've entered it. In 2015, I want to live in the present. I know it is going to be difficult - especially now that the family have been discussing a... big movement to take place within the next few years. Nevertheless, I know it will make me feel happier and calmer overall.

3/ Learn French
... Enough to get by, that is. Next semester I am taking a beginners class in French because I haven't spoke it since I was twelve. I ultimately want to become fluent, but this year my goal is to know enough to have a decent conversation. A hypothetical conversation because I don't know any French people to have the conversation with... but I will be able to, at the end of this year, if the opportunity arises.

4/ Drink enough water
The last and probably easiest of the bunch; drinking more water. I used to be good but wow it has become a problem for me. Everyday I want to be drinking at least... three water bottles full. It shouldn't be too hard but we'll see.

Those are my four resolutions. I know that 'keeping up with the blog' should be up there since I'm pretty crap at it but I know I will probably just be disappointed with my self this time next year! I will try to keep up, though. I am no longer working so I am just focusing on my studies... and blog, I guess. 


Thank you so much for reading and still following this blog even though I don't regular update it! 



  1. Haha :) I like the first one! Lovely post!

    Celine //


    1. Thanks for commenting! ... And sorry for not replying sooner...


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