Thursday, 17 March 2016

banana nice-cream

Hey hey hey!

Long time no talk, sorry about that. What can I say? I'm a university student. This semester isn not going good... I am in a super boring history class, an interesting and DIFFICULT physics class and a French class! French is the only class I am actually doing well in. I'm barely keeping my head above water in the other two.

However, something that IS going well is my vegetarian/vegan diet!

I try really hard to be a vegan, but I eat out and I don't know exactly what is in stuff, I am sure I unknowingly eat butter or eggs.

Today I made myself some banana "nice-cream" aka vegan ice-cream.

It was so easy -- for this bowl, I used about 4 bananas that I had froze overnight. I topped it with chia seeds, coconut shavings and some frozen mango.

Frozen mango is my favourite thing to snack on at the moment, it's just so good! I recommend you give it a try if you haven't!

Thanks for reading!

- Iona

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