Sunday, 11 June 2017


Exactly 1 week ago, I turned 21. 

I'm more comfortable with 21 than I was with 20. Like, I feel 21. But I didnt feel 20 when I turned 20. I low-key freaked out when I turned 20 and chopped off all my hair and bought expensive make up (which is still in my bathroom drawer, mostly unused) in order to feel older. 

I mean, I done those things when I turned 21 too but that's more speaking to my spending habits than the disappointing thought of how old I am (and how little I know). 

For fucks sake, I am 21 and I still don't do my own laundry. And it is 100% because I don't know how to work a washing machine. 

I can cook though -- just not beef, chicken, fish (excluding fish fingers) and rice. 
I can make a mean stir fry! ... But only with instant noodles because I haven't really mastered actual noodles yet. 

It's okay though. If this birthday taught me anything, it's that I have nothing but time. A whole year has passed since the last one and I still haven't learned these things. I have however watched all of The Mindy Project, Drop Dead Diva and Gossip Girl. 

I'll get around to doing the more important things next year. Or maybe when I turn 23? 

I think by 26 I should be a complete adult. That gives me 5 years to be lazy! Okay, well, 4 years, I guess. And by that time I will be living on my own and I will have a degree. I'll be absolutely fineee.

The moral of the story is that things will continue to happen, whether you stress about them or not. So if they're gonna happen anyway, what's the point in trying to plan every last detail? Bcause you'll just end up freaking out when things don't happen according to it. We should just let the things happen, and plan what to do at the time. 


If only I took my own advice. 

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