Tuesday, 17 January 2017

paris & the louvre

Paris, France
Happy 2017, everyone!

Long time no typey-type.

I went to France this summer and thought I would share some pictures from that, because I don't really have anywhere else to put them! But like actually... These are nice pictures and all, but why do I always take so many pictures when I'm on holiday? I don't know. It's not like I'll come back and share holiday pics with my family because they were literally there. Oh well. I will share them with everyone reading this instead.

Okay, so we arrived on the 18th of August. Such a long flight. It was a direct flight with a 2-year old. I got the lone 7th chair which was a couple rows away from my family -- but a crying baby can still be heard everywhere on the plane.

So although everyone looks happy, please know that we all wanted to kill each other!!

After taking the metro from the airport to the Arc de Triomphe, we walked around looking for free wifi to find the address of our apartment. There's actually a lot of free wifi in Paris, just look for McDonald's (or anywhere that sells food -- or anything tbh) and you're good.

So we found the address and walked to our apartment, which was somewhere in the 16th arrondissement. It took us about 20 minutes to walk, but without bags/tired children, it would take you only about 12 minutes.

Our place was very central. I guess everything is central in Paris, because the metro goes everywhere. Well, as a tourist I think it goes everywhere, I'm not sure how the Parisians feel about it.

These are pictures from our walk and also afterwards when we decided to go out for lunch. Well. When I say lunch I mean a very late dinner. We got to our apartment and all showered and fell asleep for about four hours.

People are always out in Paris. It isn't as intense as Italy (where dinner starts at around 8 p.m.) but people are always eating or just sitting in cafes and stuff.

Eating is a bigger event. It isn't just going in, getting full, then leaving. People take their time with pretty much everything. It's a very calm way of living. No wonder my parents want to move there, haha!

We went to the Louvre on the second (or third?) day.

Turns out I only have about four pictures from the Louvre. I thought I remembered taking so many pictures, but I must have been mixing up the Louvre with the Palace of Versailles... wow, that sentence made me sound so privileged.

Here are the last pictures of my time in Paris. We only spent about four days there, because we then headed down to the south of France for the next three weeks!

Enjoy I will share the other pictures too! Now those ones are nice. When you leave the city, the world becomes so much more colourful. Paris is very brown.

Rue de Rivoli, Paris

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