Tuesday, 24 January 2017

le sud de la france

Hi again everyone!

I hope January is treating you all well. Here in Canada, it's still snowing. We had a cold winter, I think it was the snowiest in twenty years or something.

Anyways, this post isn't about the snow but it's about that time I went to the South of France. Yeah, nbd. Actually it was a big deal, it's the south of France, god dammit.

We went to a town/commune called St-Cyprien, which is in the Dordogne department. This is the area my parents want to move so we were sorta going to see what life is like there. My parents ended up not loving St-Cyprien as much as they thought they would. In their words, "there's too many English people."

The picture above is where we stayed. The south of France is actually exactly how you'd picture it. Lots of green, every house has the blue wooden shutters, and there's not a cloud in the sky. At least, that's how it was the whole time we were there in August. 

There was a market every Wednesday. Maybe a strange day, but it's France.

So, we would make it down to the market and buy random baked good and olives and eat them that day. I think my parents really liked that -- you know, the idea of buying things and eating it that day. You can do that here in Canada, sure, but it isn't the same as walking to the local boulangerie and buying a couple baguettes that were made just a few hours before.

The weather in France was amazing when we were there. It was high thirties everyday.

The heat resulted in my brothers and sister getting the most perfect, bronze tan. Me and my sister, Orla, on the other hand, came back as pale as we were when we left.

Milo, Coco and Enzo had a great time. They escaped the arguments over driving, directions, where to eat, etc. All they knew was the pool in the garden. Oh, and Orangina, which they tried for the first time in Paris and drank daily for the rest of the holiday.

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