Friday, 31 March 2017


Happy March.

There's still snow here in Vancouver. Winter ended on March 20th, Canada. Normally by this time, the weather is beginning to brighten up. It doesn't look like it will be anytime soon, though. We'll go a few days with no snow then it starts again. 

March was an okay month. It was a busy month.

I wrote three papers in the space of a week -- one of them being a group paper. I hate group projects. One of my members just never showed up. Didn't give us any work or message us at all, really, until the night before when he asked me to send him the paper so he could edit it and add his part. How about fuck off? His name wasn't on the project.

I also started a second job... and tried to quit a job but it didn't quite work out. So, I now have two jobs and attend university full-time. Why am I doing this to myself, you may ask? Well... I am coming to the realization that I am a push-over, and I am also easily persuaded. I did try to quit my job, genuinely. I printed out my notice and gave it to my manager two weeks before I was supposed to finish. Then, towards the end of the second week, she asked me if I could stay for one shift a month. So I said yes. I feel bad. She's always been so nice to me.

I also passed my driving test! Finally. I can drive! Not that I've done it much. We are a one-car family, so I'm third on the seniority list...

We also celebrated my parent's 9th wedding anniversary on March 1st. Fun fact: I need to use spell-check every time I write the word anniversary. I cannot spell it for the life of me.

All in all, it was an eventful month. April will be super chill, I have finals in the first couple weeks and then nothing. My summer classes don't start until May (I think?). I want to try and go out downtown sometime and, who knows, maybe I'll get a blog post out of it.

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