Monday, 10 April 2017

i'm writing this instead of studying

Coquitlam, BC, Canada

I have a final worth half of my final mark on Tuesday. Right now, I should be trying to memorize Aristotle's thoughts on democracy and identify the similarities between Marx and Rousseau's opinions on the sources of inequality.

But, instead, I am sat on the couch writing this instead. What even is "this"? I'm going to get personal with you. I'm going to fill you in on what has been happening with me lately.

So, on the 18th of April, my house will go on the market. My family is moving back to Europe, I'm sure I've mentioned it before. They're moving to France.

I got a new job to save up money for when I move out. Which will happen in July. I'm in my third year of university, so I still have about 4 semesters to do.

I work in a really hipster cafe. It's family-owned and the countertops are all wood and they serve vegan food. I love it, it's so freaking fun. I am also hoping that in a couple months I will start training as a barista, which has been something I have always wanted to work as. "Always" being since I was about 16 and found out Starbucks baristas make $12/hour and get benefits.

I've planned ahead. I've got my job, and I'm trying to find places to rent.

I've tried to act relaxed about everything that is happening. When people ask me what I'm going to do, I calmly reply, "I'm going to move out, maybe visit them at Christmas."

It sounds really easy and simple when I put it that way. In reality, I'm fucking scared. I'm not ready to move out -- but I'm also not ready to leave Canada. And above all, I am just so used to putting things off for "future Iona to deal with." But the future is not a year away anymore. My family are actually moving in 3 and a half months.

I have three and a half months to figure out how to live alone. How often do I have to buy bread? How much is internet? I have no clue.

This blog post wasn't intended to give me any answers, I just wanted to write my thoughts. I mean, I could buy a diary like most people do but I have this blog so why not write it all here. Oh, and I can add pictures when I write on a blog, so that's a plus.

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