Monday, 23 October 2017

things to do in st. andrew's

St Andrews, UK


I'm in Scotland to visit my family for a couple weeks with my sister. We took a visit up to Perth, Dundee and St. Andrew's this past week. We visited the latter at a suuuper busy time - the day we were there, there were actually a tonne of tours going on for next terms' students.

Regardless, I loved it. It was my first time visiting the town, and it wasn't what I expected!

I thought St. Andrew's pretty much only existed for the university and the golf course, but I found that there is other odd things and I thought I'd write a mini travel guide to St. Andrew's. But an alternative travel guide, not just "visit the golf course" because... doy.

Thrift shop on South St.
There are only two types of people that live in St. Andrews: students and old rich people. Therefore, the thrift/charity shops are fucking LIT. All the clothes are high-end brands, and since the charity shops in the UK tend to be kinda picky, they still have years of wear.

Have a coffee on Market St.
Market St. is the biggest street in St. Andrews. South St. is busier, but just because it directly links to the motorway. Market St. is full of coffeeshops, with big chains such as Costa and Starbucks but also unique place like the Old Union Cafe. Of course, they are each crammed with studying uni students.

Eat salmon 
I'm not biased at all saying this (lol), but Scotland has amazing salmon, it's like world-renowned or something. St. Andrew's, like most cities across Scotland, has heaps of restaurants offering fresh seafood straight from the Atlantic. Yum.

Walk along the golf course to the beach
Yeah, I know I said I wasn't going to go with the obvious things, but behind the golf course, there is a small beach with white sand and clear blue water. For a country with such shitty weather, it sure does make some cracking beaches. 

Talk soon!

- Iona

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