Thursday, 16 November 2017


Poitiers, France

I've been living in Europe for five months... and I am so bored.

I've started watching the whole Friends series for a third time to give me something to do.

"I live in the south of France" sounds soo cool. I though it'd be cool. When I thought of someone who lived in the south of France, I imagined a perfectly tanned, put-together, typical French person. I thought it'd be sunny and warm everyday and I thought I'd be content.

But the truth is, it's cold as hell. And windy. I packed for summer weather. Not winter. I didn't think winter existed in this part of the world.

And I actually still have the same issues as I did in Canada. I'm not flawless or easy-going. I'm still the same. I get angry at people around me and my hair still never sits flat.

I thought living here would relax me. I thought I would appreciate being in the middle of nowhere and relying on a bike to take me from point A to B. But Point B is a three-hour bike ride away.

There's no real point to this post other than me pointing out the obvious: your life doesn't get better by moving country. Life is life, and it happens where ever you live. You can't run from your own internal self.

... Yeah, so that's what's happening in my life! What's happening in yours? Lol.


  1. I hope you start to enjoy France soon- even if you're not enjoying it as much as you hoped it's a huge accomplishment that you're living there, I'd never be brave enough to do something like that! What are you doing in France, have you gone by yourself or are you with people there?x

    1. Hey! My parents immgrated to France this summer, so I’m over here with them. It’s pretty easy for me, they figure most of the logistical things out!


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