Friday, 5 January 2018

back in canada

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Hi everyone!

I am now back in Canada. I left France on the 29th of January. This was the first time I travelled alone. I got lost a couple times, and cried in the middle of Charles de Gaulle airport but hey what can you do.

So far, things seem sorta normal. I am staying with my boyfriend, so sometimes its easy to imagine we're just having a sleepover, and my family is just a 30 minute drive away and not half way across the globe.

I have skyped home everyday, and it's helping a lot with the distance. When I call, I'm just starting my day and they're having dinner -- it's a pretty good time, we always have things to talk about.

I have also been looking for an apartment so hard. My friend and I have visited 4 so far, with no luck. Moving out of home is so expensive. I gotta find a job too, but I didn't want to do that before I had a place to live, because I don't know where I will be living.

My classes have started too. I've been to one seminar already. And can you believe that after 3 years of university, I am still too scared to talk in class? Terrified. I had to do it today and I was almost peeing my pants.

These pictures above are from Scotland. I visited just before Christmas to say goodbye to everyone over there. I love the UK at Christmas time. I don't know how to explain it, Christmas is just all over. Like, here in Canada, there aren't decorations in every shop and there isn't Christmas music playing everywhere. Plus, the UK has Christmas specials of everything.

So, yeah, my life has been a bit busy lately but I'm doing good. Everything seems to be going preeeetty smoothly right now, so I'm not complaining.

I hope you're all doing well and enjoying the first week of the year!

- Iona


  1. You are such a true traveller! I am so excited for you to find somewhere to live, but it's good you're staying at your boyfriends as that must be such a huge comfort without your family there. Understandable you crying in the airport, it must have been so difficult getting on to that plane. I hope your classes go great this year and you have a fab time in Canada :) x

    1. I think this period of time is going to be something I’ll look back on and be like “yassss that was so fun” but right now I am terrified. You’re right, it’s such a help staying with my boyfriend, it’s safe and familiar, you know?

  2. Travelling on your own must be such a freeing experience! I'm yet to go solo, but I defo want to try it. Wishing you the best of luck finding an apartment, a very exciting start to your 2018! x x


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